3 Ways for An eco friendly vacation in Salzburg

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Looking to do a sustainable and eco friendly vacation in Salzburg, Austria?  

From our experience, we know the struggles of finding the right eco friendly accommodation that fits into the perfect vacation plan. 

But look no further, because we’ve got your stay covered with a list of our favorite eco friendly accommodation platforms that are independent and super duper user-friendly.

For each platform, we will show you how it works, why we love it and the eco friendly accommodation options for your next vacation in Salzburg, Austria!  

Let’s get started!

vacation in Salzburg, Austria

The best websites to find eco friendly accommodation in Salzburg.

For all the slow travellers out there, we can imagine the struggles of trying to find an eco friendly and sustainable accommodation in such a traditional place like Salzburg, but we’ve got some helpful tips on how to search through the internet maze and find some hidden gems because they do exist! 

The biggest question that most of us ask ourselves is “what makes an accommodation eco friendly?”  This could mean different things to different people so we suggest it’s a great idea to figure out what eco friendly travel means to you on a personal level and build your philosophy around that.  

For me personally, an eco friendly accommodation means a place that ultimately reduces your carbon footprint in some way, supports the local economy and has a positive impact on the environment.  

And if the place offers breakfast or has a restaurant attached to it, I would expect to see the use of organic and/or local produce and lots of vegan and vegetarian options. 

With all these prerequisites, it does take more time than the usual click ‘n’ book when looking for an eco friendly place to stay for your vacation.

So to save you hours of search time and reduce those stress levels of trying to find the perfect eco stay, we’ve come up with a list of the best alternative search platforms that will help you find your sustainable and eco friendly accommodation in half the time. 

eco friendly accommodation in Salzburg

1. Veggie Hotels

This sustainable accommodation platform is one of our favorites as it’s super user friendly and you can search for different types of eco friendly vacations based on your preferences just by picking from their dropdown menu. 

Check out their website: https://www.veggie-hotels.com

Veggie Hotel in Salzburg, Austria

How it works 

To explore and find your perfect eco friendly vacation, you can search in a variety of ways through; country, travel type and their current offers.  

Once you find the perfect eco friendly accommodation, it’s possible to either request a booking or just book directly with the hotel itself. The fact that they give you both options makes the whole booking process extremely easy and comfortable to use. 

Why we love it

You can choose based on the type of vacation you want to go on. We think this is a really fun way to discover new places and unique experiences.  

For example, you can choose whether you’re looking to do a wellness & detox vacation, yoga retreats, hiking and nature holidays, the perfect city getaway and even pet friendly places! 

Your eco friendly stay in Salzburg 

There are over a dozen accommodations listed in Austria, with The Keep Eco Residence being listed the only one in Salzburg city. So if you’re looking for somewhere central and convenient, sustainable and affordable, you can check out our hotel via Veggie hotels for all the details!  

eco friendly accommodation in Salzburg

2. Bio stays

This is one of the most unique eco friendly accommodation platforms we’ve ever come across!  Ed who is the founder of Bio Stays has created an innovative and exciting way to book through their platform!  In short, for every booking made through their platform a portion of their revenue will go towards saving rainforests all around the world! 

Check out their website: https://www.biostays.com

Bio stays in Salzburg

How it works 

Once their online platform is live, it will work similar to Airbnb whereby you can make search for specifics including the location and type of eco friendly accommodation you’re looking for and booking can be made directly one their site. 

Why we love it 

So far Ed and his team have managed to save over 500 acres of rainforest and as they’re still fairly new, we think it’s a fantastic initiative and an amazing effort. 

They’re still in the process of building their online booking platform, which is planned to be ready towards the end of the year so for now, we recommend signing up to their newsletter and browse through their landing page for more info! 

Your eco friendly stay in Salzburg 

Since it’s a new platform, there is only one sustainable accommodation option available in Austria and it so happens to be us! 

Check out The Keep Eco Residence via Bio Stays here  and find us here if you’re keen to stay with us! 

The Keep Eco Residence Bio Stays

3. EcoBnB

This one might sound familiar as it seeks to replace giant platforms such as booking.com and Airbnb as the name so slightly suggests! 

Founded in Italy this well made website  works much in the same way as a traditional booking platform except you will only find eco friendly properties and accommodation options.  

Check out their website: https://ecobnb.com/

EcoBnB in Salzburg

How it works 

It’s as simple as inputting your travel dates, location and number of travellers.  You’ll then be directed to another page whereby a list of properties will be recommended to you based on your search query. 

You can even filter the results through a specific search criteria to make it easier for you to find a sustainable accommodation that adheres to your slow travel philosophy.  

Once you find your ideal accommodation, you can check for availability directly through Ecobnb which is super convenient and once you complete your details you are then connected to make a booking on site! 

Why we love it 

We love the fact that there’s no way to fake your way into getting your property listed on this eco platform as one must meet a minimum of 5 out of the 10 environmental requirements whereby each and every one of those 10 requirements are associated with an internationally recognised certification, body or ecolabel. 

And due to the strict requirements, you know there’s no way of stumbling upon an accommodation doing the dodgy and green washing their business in order to take advantage of the growing popularity of eco friendly vacationing!  

Your eco friendly stay in Salzburg 

Out of all the eco friendly platforms we’ve mentioned, EcoBnB by far has the largest range of accommodation options listed. 

In Salzburg alone you will find a nice variety of hotels, villas, resorts and chalets in all price categories, from budget overnight stays to luxury weekend getaways. 

If you’re looking to stay somewhere central and urban, there are over 5 lovely sustainable hotels to choose from, all offering different and unique services to suit your eco stay! 

For an affordable stay right in the heart of Salzburg, check out our listing here at The Keep Eco Residence.  

EcoBnB in Salzburg


Eco friendly transportation options to Salzburg

Since Salzburg is an extremely well connected little city, you will have no problems finding public transport options that are convenient, clean and very reliable.  

If you’re travelling from Munich or Vienna to reach your eco travel vacation destination here in Salzburg, there is a bus that literally runs every hour with no stops in between. 

Check out FlixBus for their schedule and price. 

Alternatively, you have trains that run just as often and with the main train station centrally situated, in a matter of 10 minutes, you’ll find yourself in Salzburg Old Town.  

Go to Obb’s official website to book your tickets. 

vacation in Salzburg, Austria

Once you get to Salzburg, every corner of the city is reachable by foot and bike so leave those cars at home and enjoy roaming through the Old Town’s cobbled streets and hiking up our city mountains. 

For those of you still figuring  out a place to stay that’s close to public transport for convenience sake, check out our Eco Residence,  which is perfectly positioned between the main train station, the Flix Bus pick up and drop area and The Old Town.  

eco friendly vacation in Salzburg, Austria


There’s no one perfect solution to a sustainable and eco friendly vacation but it’s those small responsible initiatives you take and conscious decisions you make that gets us all closer to our goals of making this world a better place. 

By supporting independently and locally owned businesses that take the time, effort, money and energy to create and build a more sustainable and eco friendly experience for travellers, is what will help our cause get the attention it deserves. 

So when you’re thinking of planning your next eco friendly vacation in Salzburg, Austria or even Europe, have those sustainable booking platforms in your favourites list and take the time to browse through all the unique accommodation options out there. 

We promise you that through your search, you’ll find some hidden gems and maybe even the perfect place that aligns with your eco travel philosophy!   

So here’s the round up: 

  1. Veggie hotels 
  2. Bio Stays
  3. Eco BnB 

And don’t forget to travel sustainably by utilising public transport and getting around by foot (or bike) as much as possible. 😉

vacation in Salzburg, Austria

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