Our top 6 day trips from Salzburg

Perhaps more than any other city in Europe, Salzburg is ideally positioned.  And although this charming little city has much to offer, there are dozens of phenomenal day trips from Salzburg that fall within a half hour to a 3 hour bus, car or train ride. 

Here, we will share our top 6 day trips from Salzburg with you but before we dive in, we would like to share with you some helpful information about public transportation; namely for the bus and train to help you plan your day trip.  

top 6 day trips from Salzburg

Check out the National Austrian Railway, which has all of the regional train and bus routes as well as timetables. If you’re looking at a mega saving, plan and purchase your tickets well in advance to save up to 80% off the full fare price. 

Tickets can be purchased up to 6 months prior to arrival. If you’re travelling from the German border, check out Bayern Day Pass which covers unlimited trains everywhere within the region between Munich and Salzburg. 1 day tickets start at 26€ per person. 

Top 6 day trips from Salzburg: 


This UNESCO protected village is so picturesque that even the Chinese built a replica. One of Austria’s most quaint destinations, this compact little town up until the late 19th Century, was only accessible on foot or by boat so its footpaths, buildings and structure remain intact and in pristine condition. 

Full of history and surrounded by lakes and mountains, Halsttat will get your snap-happy as you walk around its cobbled stone streets of the Old Town. One the country’s most visited places, Hallstatt is an absolute must and can be reached by a 2.15 hour train ride, making it the top day trip from Salzburg. Alternatively you can take the 150 bus or a scenic ferry ride from Salzburg town. 


 2. Berchtesgaden Salt mine 

Once a retreat for monks, kings and travellers alike in the 12th century, Berchtesgaden still remains a charming village rich in history and culture. And to make the visit worthwhile, a tour of the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine (Salzbergwerk) is a favourite. 

This unusual attraction is the reason for the region’s riches that dates back from the 1100’s! Take a guided tour through the mines that reaches up to a staggering 13 km of underground tunnel.  

Not only was salt mined here but also gold, amber and coral was once discovered throughout its time.  To get there, a bus ride from Salzburg Old Town will take you directly to Berchtesgaden and its salt mines in just under one hour making it a great day trip from Salzburg. 

Berchtesgaden Salt mine
Source: https://www.salzbergwerk.de/ 

3. Werfen’s ice cave  

About a 45 minutes train ride away, Werfen’s ice cave is a must-see and makes for a fantastic addition to add to one of your day trips from Salzburg.  A subterranean phenomena, these ice caves are the world’s largest and a natural wonder with its unique frozen sculptures that have been formed over many years. 

It’s an underground maze comprising impressive frozen waterfall features that reach great heights and intertwining tunnels that stretch for kms on end. If you’re visiting between the months of May and October, take a guided tour and be amazed by its sheer beauty and structure…

We promise you it’ll be one of the most impressive things you’ll ever witness. You can check out their rates and tour options here.

Werfen’s ice cave
(image Source: https://www.eisriesenwelt.at/

4. Eagle’s nest 

The tragedies of WWII have left its mark in this absolutely stunning location. The area surrounding Eagle’s Nest served as Hitler’s 2nd seat of power after he was inspired by its hauntingly beautiful landscape. Despite its unfortunate claim to fame, this spot is probably one of the most breathtaking lookout points in all of the Salzburg region. 

Perched at 6000 feet above sea level, it is the meaning of uninterrupted view and gives you a 120 mile radius view of the entire region on a clear sunny day. Take a high-speed elevator that takes from the base all the way to the peak and have your cameras ready to capture the Bavarian Alps and turquoise colour waters that wrap around the foot of the mountains.  

If you decide to take a day trip to Eagle’s Nest from Salzburg, check opening times as it’s only open during the Summer months starting from mid-May through to October at the latest due to it’s high elevation. Interested in taking a guided day tour to Eagle’s Nest? Check out Panorama tours for more info.

Eagle’s Nest

5. Königsee 

In English, this stunning location directly translates to King’s Lake.  A fjord made for angels to bathe in, Königsee’s crystal clear water is the colour of glassy turquoise and deep emerald.

This lake is so picturesque that you’ll pinch yourself because it’s what you’d expect the heavens to look like. Nestled between the Austrian and German border, Königsee is Bavaria’s deepest lake at 630 feet!  

A protected area ensures that the rare species that habitat the lake are protected.  Take a stroll around the water’s edge and make your way up to the village’s quaint main street where you will find locally owned boutiques, small cafes and restaurants.  And for the best view, hike up to Jennerbahn Mountain perched just above the lake.  

At the peak looking down, you will see 6000 feet of the lake below you.  Making it a fabulous day trip from Salzburg, enjoy endless miles of hiking tracks during the summer month and skiing in winter. 


6. Spa trip in Bergheim

Who doesn’t want a time-out to pamper yourself and relax in nature in pure comfort!? Taking a day trip from Salzburg to a spa retreat in the surrounding area is always a good idea and can be enjoyed year round and you don’t have to go far.  

About a 20 minute bus ride just outside the Salzbur’s city centre is family owned and run Gmachl. Here you can relax in nature and enjoy a whole day of pampering.  

Equipped with multiple sauna rooms that look-out onto a beautiful backdrop of green forestry, an rooftop pool and garden spa as well as a natural swimming lake and plenty of areas to unwind, nap or read a book.  Get a massage, stroll the stunning grounds and taste the local cuisine in style with a long lunch all in a day’s trip. 

Spa trip in Bergheim
(image source: https://www.gmachl.at/en/vitarium-spa/

7. Fucking, Austria 

This initially wasn’t on our list of top 6 day trips from Salzbug, but we couldn’t help ourselves and just had to add it at the last minute!  Actually pronounced ‘Fooking’, this little town with a population of 104,  has become a tourist attraction all on its own due to its name.

Signs sprawled all over town and off the highway, have become a selfie sensation for tourists, especially for English speaking travellers. Some have even been caught faunicating in-front of the sign amongst other hilarious yet indecent acts.  From Salzburg, you can reach Fucking by train in 45 minutes. 

Our top 6 day trips from Salzburg
(image source: https://metropole.at/fucking-austria-is-now-a-pornhub-premium-place/


Staying at The Keep makes day trips from Salzburg’s city so convenient as it’s centrally located, with the main train station just around the corner and only a short 7 minutes walk to all buses.  

Start your days with a delicious and healthy vegan breakfast buffet at The Keep Living and take one of our suggested day trips. Your one week visit to Salzburg, we promise you will be an unforgettable one! 

The keep hotel austria

To round up our top 6 recommendations of the best day trips from Salzburg here is a recap below: 

  1. Halstatt
  2. Berchtesgaden Salt mine 
  3. Werfen’s ice cave
  4. Eagle’s Nest
  5. Königsee 
  6. Spa trip in Bergheim 

And our bonus: 

  1. Fucking, Austria 

So there it is! Our top 6 day trips from Salzburg (plus a sneaky 7th, just for fun). 

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