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Only the Best Materials

For the good of the environment we all share and for the health of the planet, The Keep sets out to promote a more responsible kind of travel and tourism.
In this space, we pay homage to- and foster a close connection with nature, where we are conscious of the impact we have, and waste is avoided to the best of our ability.
With this in mind, materials and objects otherwise discarded are given a second chance at life, with great care and attention new life is breathed into the old, and a warm and inviting atmosphere is created.
We know that in Sustainability there are no perfect solutions, but we are proud to share with you, our vision of what a positive impact could look like.

The 4 Pillars

At The Keep the four main “pillars” that guide the development and growth of the residence are:

  • Use local and natural
  • Upcycle
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

This means making use of safe resources available nearby, transforming and/or increasing an object’s value and life-span, choosing long-lasting products that are maintainable and reparable, and responsibly channeling useful raw materials to be reused elsewhere. When new things are purchased, they are carefully considered with the health of the environment and their durability in mind. We have used these four pillars to create a unique interior where upcycled and responsibly sourced wood features meet beautiful furnishings sourced from local flea markets and estate sales.

In Practice

We're proud of the creative and resourceful ways that our rooms have been developed. What this looks like in practice?

  • All rooms feature bed frames made from locally sourced, responsibly grown wood, which are accented with details of driftwood, found in nearby rivers.
  • Fruit crates have been repurposed into shelving, a place for your belongings during your stay.
  • Most of the original floor boards have been preserved, repaired and refinished.
  • In rooms with private showers, truck tarps find a new purpose lining the inner shower walls for waterproofing.

To learn more of the stories behind the materials and details at the Keep, find and scan the QR codes we have distributed throughout the house.

Every Type of Traveller

Our goal is to create a space where people from all walks of life, can come together to exchange their experiences.

We welcome families, couples, solo travellers, young explorers as well as experienced ones, and encourage all guests to share their stories amongst each other.

We know that some travelers like to pamper themselves on vacation, while others stick to a strict budget.

Our aim is to provide the warm and inviting community of a hostel, as well as the comfort and privacy of a hotel for any type of guest.