Salzburg Weather: The Best Time to Visit Salzburg

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Salzburg Weather

If you are planning to visit Salzburg, you are probably wondering when’s the best time to travel to this beautiful city. Whether you plan to travel in summer, spring, fall, or winter, you should know what would Salzburg weather be and what to expect when going to Austria. 

There’s a lot to see and do here all year round. For example, the city is in full bloom in March and April when the snow gently dusts the surrounding mountains and classical music concerts take place. 

In July and August, the visitors can enjoy outdoor festivals and open-air theatres, among other things. Salzburg gets transformed into a winter wonderland during December. That’s when the local ski resorts start to open and winter lovers head to nearby slopes to go skiing.

But just because this is a year-round destination doesn’t mean you should leave your trip to chance. Instead, get informed about the weather in Salzburg and come to a decision on your trip accordingly.

Keep reading for more travel and weather details.

Salzburg Weather

When to Go to Salzburg?

Every season is different and nice in its own way. Even so, warmer times are more suitable for day trips to Salzburg and nearby places.

While Salzburg can be visited throughout the year, as it offers various attractions at all times of the year, some months are more inviting than others. Keep in mind that some attractions aren’t open year-round.

September and October are considered the best months to travel to Salzburg. These tranquil months see fewer crowds and the temperatures are usually comfortable then.

While the hills start singing and blooming in spring, April and March are still quite chilly in this area. Most people don’t feel comfortable spending time outdoors in cold weather.

Salzburg Weather

Warm weather brings higher temperatures along with increased traffic and prices. If you plan to visit Salzburg during the summer season, be prepared to face summer crowds. The prices are considerably hiked while the streets are chock-full of visitors.

Unless you are a skier, avoid traveling in the winter. Just a couple of the city gardens are open in the wintertime. Moreover, most tours and attractions shut down altogether in this period.

Even if you are a skier or snowboarder, you may end up in your hotel room during the winter months. That’s because the surrounding hills welcome a tremendous amount of snowfall in the winter, and it’s often not possible to go skiing.

Salzburg Weather

That said, the early autumn or late summer (September and October) is a safe bet. It is a wonderful time to visit Salzburg. You will avoid the local festivals and peak season. Besides, the prices for flights and hotels are more affordable during these months.

Weather in Salzburg

Located north of the Austrian Alps, Salzburg is one of those places that have a Central European climate. The city features cold winters and hot summers with moderate weather in early fall and late spring. 

Nevertheless, bring appropriate clothes and footwear when planning your trip. You are also advised to check the local weather forecast beforehand, just in case.

Salzburg Weather


Salzburg appears to be less moderate than most other tourist destinations in the world when it comes to the temperatures. That should not come as a surprise, considering that this city is situated at the foot of the Alps.

It is important to note that the average temperatures vary greatly in this area. At higher humidity, the impact of high temperatures is stronger. Likewise, cold temperatures come to the fore with strong winds during the chilly days.

As you may assume, July and August are the hottest months, followed by June. The hottest days of the year almost regularly occur in mid-July. Then, the temperatures seldom drop below 14.5°C (58.1°F) at night, while the highs are usually about 81°F (27.3°C).

Take a look below to gain a brief insight into the average temperatures by month in Salzburg.

MonthAverage Mean Temperature  (°F / °C)
January33.5 / 0.8
February34.2 / 1.2
March42.4 / 5.8
April51.5 / 10.8
May57.6 / 14.2
June63.5 / 17.5
July66.9 / 19.4
August66.1 / 18.9
September57.6 / 14.2
October49.3 / 9.6
November41.6 / 5.3
December34.7 / 1.5

Precipitation (Rain and Snow)

You can expect dry weather in November and December, as these months feature the less significant precipitation. The chance of rain is lowest in early February and late January when snow is deepest here.

On the other hand, the highest chance of rain is in mid-June (about 43%). Total precipitation measures around 7.3 inches at this time of year. Salzburg comprises approximately 1350 mm of rainfall annually.

Remember that the snow usually occurs in December. Mid-December is the best time to go skiing in Salzburg. In the nearby ski resorts, skiers enjoy riding fresh deep powder in this period.

Wind and Humidity

With a relative humidity of 59%, April is the least humid month in Salzburg. October, on the contrary, is the most humid month with a relative humidity of about 79%.

As for the wind, it’s extremely calm in general. March and April are the windiest months. The average speed of the wind is 3.2 MPH (2.7 knots) in March. The maximum sustained wind is usually at the end of April when it measures up to 5.9 knots.

Salzburg Weather

What’s On in Salzburg – Festivals, Events and Happenings


The early spring is pretty cold in Salzburg. Temperatures fluctuate between 2°C to 14°C. Just as spring warms up slowly, tourists travel sluggishly here.

If you want to go skiing, be sure to go in early spring since there is still the possibility of snowfall. Most ski resorts start to shut down in April.

When it comes to the events during this season, Salzburg Biennale is held every other spring, while Salzburg Easter Festival takes place in April.


You can expect glorious weather in summer. Temperatures fluctuate somewhere between 13°C to 27°C. Nonetheless, carry a raincoat or rain jacket when planning your trip because the summers often see a lot of rainfall in Salzburg.

Additionally, you can expect high hotel rates and clogged roads, as this place is full of travelers and visitors in the summertime. You know this is the peak season here.

The following are the most popular summer events in Salzburg:

Salzburg Weather


While there are no a lot of happenings during these months, this is a good time to visit Salzburg. Temperatures stay quite comfortable throughout the day and you will be able to spend a tranquil and serene time.

You will come across fewer tourists because the crowds will be tapering off in autumn. In addition, you are more likely to find lower hotel rates and get better deals on hotel rooms.


The mercury drops considerably in December, reaching the 0°C mark. However, the city sees the first snowfall in November.

As the temperatures go down, tours and attractions begin to shut down progressively. Despite the fact that the winter is a low tourist season, there are still quite a few things to do during the winter months.

If you’re a winter sports enthusiast, you can go to some of the nearby ski resorts. Most of them can be reached in 1-2 hours from the city.

Also, consider visiting the Christmas Markets (Salzburger Christkindlmarkt) in December or January. It is one of the biggest highlights here during this season. Festivities are filling the air and the city is Christmasy.

Salzburg Weather

Where to Stay in Salzburg?

Once you decide on when to go to Salzburg, you will have to think about where to stay in this city and discover the most appropriate accommodation options. 
Are you ready to experience something unique? If you are one of those sustainable travels who aim to keep the necessary at all times, the Keep is a good choice. This ecologically minded residence doesn’t only benefit guests but also our planet.

Salzburg Weather

As a guest, you will be able to enjoy different special events in the Keep Eco Residence. You will also stay up to date with the actual happenings in Salzburg during your stay. Create tours according to your needs and make good use of your time.

When you get tired, go back to your room and have a rest. From a single and twin room to a 4-bed family suite, the Keep has all kinds of accommodations to cater to the needs of just about any type of guest.

The living space is created in such a way to welcome solo travelers, families, and couples. Furthermore, the hostel provides an inviting and warm environment that allows for privacy and comfort alike.

Salzburg Weather

Final Thoughts

So what is the best time of the year to visit Salzburg? Well, it is not easy to say because each season offers a unique fusion of attractions and amenities. 

Moreover, it is a matter of choice and personal preference. While some people love winter activities, others prefer summer months and hot weather. Therefore, everyone should plan a trip in accordance with his/her interests.

We suggest visiting Salzburg in September or October even though the peak season is July-August when numerous festivals are held here. The late summer and early autumn are more favorable due to the lower airfare prices as well as quieter times and more comfortable temperatures.

This is when the majority of summer crowds tap off and leave Salzburg. That will let you explore the city and enjoy the great outdoors without disturbance.

Whenever you go, stay tuned and check the weather forecast before hitting the road.

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