The complete guide to the Salzburg Card – Is it worth it?

You may have seen this little card red and blue card advertised here and there during our daily perusal sessions online whilst making arrangements for your visit to Salzburg.  This is the Salzburg Card and allows you admissions  to more than 20 world class attractions in and around Salzburg, for a fixed price.

Visiting all of those places you had on your to-do and to-see list during your Salzburg stay, the Salzburg Card will come in handy as you discover this pretty little city, giving you access to all the main museums and palaces, the big Hohenberg Salzburg Fortress you see in almost every image overlooking the Old Town’s City scape plus free use public transport. 

Salzburg Card
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What does the Salzburg Card give you access to? 

Since the Salzburg Old Town is UNESCO world heritage listed, there is a plethora of historical sites and attractions to explore in a small geographical area including the Mozart’s birthplace, the Salzburg Museum and Domquartier and many more. 

As you wander outside of the city’s centre you will reach the beloved Hellbrunn Palace and its famous trick fountain – the perfect day trip if you’re travelling with kids or looking to experience something fun and truly unique. 

Salzburg Card

The Salzburg Card not only gives you access to all of the above mentioned attractions, it can also be used to:

  • take a river cruise
  • ferries you to the top of the city’s surrounding mountains via cable car
  • visit the Zoo or even
  • take a tour at one of Austria’s most famous breweries and enjoy beer tasting

What’s more is that it includes free transportation so you can actually get to the sites and attractions. 

Not only is the Salzburg Card available to purchase year-round and valid in  three categories, namely; 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours.  In addition you will receive further discounts not included with the Salzburg Card, such as the hop on and off bus.  

Salzburg Card

So is the Salzburg Card really worth it?

Assuming that you visit two to three attractions per day, with an average price of admission typically ranging from 5€ to 25€, you’ve already gotten your money’s worth if you let’s say:

  • buy a return ticket to Untersberg by cable car which already normally costs 25€, 
  • then you decide to check out Mozart’s birthplace which will set you back another 11€ and, 
  • finish the day off with a relaxing sunset river cruise along the city’s Salzach river for 15€. 

In one day, you’ve already spent 51€ in admission fees and tickets.  

Now let’s put that into perspective:

A 24 hour Salzburg card costs 29€ (and 26€ if you’re here in the winter months from 01 November- 30 April). 

Which means that the card has already paid for itself with the cable car ride alone, saving you 22€ and getting both the Mozart’s birthplace and river cruise for free! 

How much are the Salzburg cards? 

24 Hours€29      *€26€14,50 *€13
48 Hours€38      *€34€19       *€17
72 Hours€44      *€39€22      *€19.50

*winter prices valid between 1st November until 30th April 

If you’re planning a full day-trip to Salzburg or staying in the city for more than a night and plan to catch all the sites, there’s no doubt that the Salzburg Card is the way to go. 

In fact, if you stay for longer and have plans to do at least one to two activities on each day, you’d be crazy not to purchase the 48 Hour or 72 Hour Salzburg Card!  Just check out the savings you’d make in the table above! 

Salzburg Card

When not to buy the Salzburg Card? 

To be honest, there aren’t many reasons when the Salzburg Card would not be worth it, but here are two reasons when not to buy the Salzburg Card:

  1. If you’re in Salzburg for a few hours or half a day, and you only have time to take see or do one thing,
  2. If you don’t want to spend any more at all and prefer to do things that are free 

Hint: If you could only choose one thing to do in Salzburg due to lack of time or budget, take a stroke through the Mirabell Gardens.  This pristinely manicured garden is absolutely stunningly rich in history and it was even a primary filming location for the hit cult classic film, ‘The Sound of Music’.  

Mirabell Gardens

And what does the Salzburg Card include? 

The Salzburg Card has been created so that you can catch all the highlights of the city within just a few short days.

Here is a full list of all the attractions that are included in the Salzburg Card:

  • Hohensalzburg Fortress 
  • Salzburg Zoo
  • Toy museum 
  • Hellbrunn Palace & Trick fountain 
  • Salzach River Cruise 
  • Bible World Interactive Centre
  • Museum of Natural History 
  • Catacombs 
  • Mönschsberg Lift 
  • Georg Trakl Memorial & Research Centre 
  • Domquartier Salzburg 
  • Cathedral Excavations 
  • Panorama Museum 
  • Festival halls
  • Salzburg Museum – New residence 
  • Stiegl Brauwelt 
  • Mozart’s Birthplace 
  • Mozart’s Residence 
  • Folklore Museum 
  • Salzburg Christmas Museum 
  • MOMA – Salzburg Rupertinum & Mönchsberg 
  • Untersberg Cable Car ride 

How to plan 48 hours using the Salzburg Card

Here is an example of how you could spend two full days in Salzburg and get your money’s worth when purchasing the Salzburg Card.

Salzburg can be on the pricier side of things when it comes to finding places to stay so If you’re looking for an affordable, clean and sustainable accommodation option, check out The Keep Residence.  With our convenient and safe contactless self-check-in and private and secure rooms, we have everything you need in one place to make your stay as easy and comfortable as possible.

the keep residence

Day 1:

Start your journey with a healthy, fresh all vegan, all organic breakfast served at The Keep Living Restaurant

keep living restaurant

a) Hohenbergsalzburg Fortress 

Put on some comfy shoes and make your way to the Hohenbergsalzburg Fortress.  The Salzburg Card gives you access to enter the  Fortress where you will be able to check out the string puppet museum, the official Fortress museum and the Rainer Museum. 

Not that much into museums? No problem! Just the view along is phenomenal so don’t forget to bring your phone or camera and get snappy-happy. 

Hohenbergsalzburg Fortress

b)  Untersberg Cable Car

Our next recommendation is the Untersberg Cable Car.  As we mentioned earlier, this activity alone makes the Salzburg Card absolutely worthwhile.  Hop on the #25 bus from Mirabellplatz and in 20 minutes you’ll arrive at the foot of Untersberg where you will then ride the cable car up approximately 1800 metres, that’s around 5900 feet above sea level!  

From the top, you have not only a spectacular 360 panoramic view where Austria meets Germany, you can have lunch with view and try typical Austrian cuisine which is actually genuinely of very good quality considering it’s a tourist hotspot. 

Skip the line using your Salzburg Card and scan your way through to the cable car station. Just another reason why the Card is so worthwhile. 

Untersberg Cable Car

Day 2:

c) Hellbrunn Palace and Trick Fountain 

Our next tip is one of our all time favourites.  The Hellbrunn Palace and Trick Fountain is an unforgettable place. Again, you can use your Salzburg Card to take the #25 bus out.  It will also allow you to enter the Palace and enjoy the Trick Fountain show!  

This picturesque location is yet another famous location of where The Sound of Music was filmed and you’ll know why they chose this particular Palace to shoot their scenes as it really does look like something from a movie.

Furthermore the Trick Fountain tour is surprisingly entertaining and not just for the kids to enjoy. And if you’ve got a little more time, make your way to the Salzburg Zoo which is located just a short stroll from Hellbrunn. Again, the Salzburg Card will give you access to the Zoo too. 

Hellbrunn Palace and Trick Fountain
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d) Mozart’s Birthplace

You can’t come to Salzbug and not visit Mozart’s Birthplace.  It’s probably the main attraction of this charming little city and the reason why millions of visitors make their way to Salzburg every year. 

Located on the main shopping street, Getreidegasse you will find a quaint slim yellow building and using your Salzburg Card, you can enter the building where you will find original music scripts, furnishings and other authentic memorabilia. A fascinating site and one that anyone can appreciate even if you’re not a classical music fan, it’s safe to say that Mozart revolutionized music of today. 

Mozart’s Birthplace

e) Salzach River Cruise

We’re going to end our 2 day trip with a river Cruise along the Salzach. It’s fun, entertaining and informative.  Access to the boat is conveniently located just across the road from the main shopping street of the Old Town (Getreidegasse).  Your Salzburg Card gives you access to the cruise so simply make your way to the line and present your card upon boarding. 

Salzach River Cruise
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Where do I buy the Salzburg Card? 

There are a variety of ways to buy the Salzburg card. 

If you’re staying with us at The Keep Eco Residence, ask one of our friendly hosts on site and you can purchase it from them directly. 

Alternatively buy them online.  Simply visit Slazburg’s official city website at and order your Salzburg Card online. 

If you’re arriving at the main train station, you can pick one up directly upon arrival. 

Hint:  no matter where you buy it from, it is the same price everywhere, so if you see a different price otherwise stated in our table above or what is listed on’s main website, don’t buy it! 


So there you have it!  Our complete guide to the Salzburg Card. 

And if you’re looking for a specific topic, here is a round-up of all the topics we discussed. 

  1. What does the Salzburg Card give you access to? 
  2. So is the Salzburg Card really worth it? 
  3. How much are the Salzburg cards? 
  4. When not to buy the Salzburg Card? 
  5. And what does the Salzburg Card include? 
  6. How to plan 48 hours using the Salzburg Card? 
  7. Where do I buy the Salzburg Card? 

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